Carrboro Vision 2020: Century Center Mentions

1.2  Recreation and Parks

1.14 Recreation programming should be expanded, with a broader range of programming for all interests and age groups (youth, adults, and seniors). Carrboro citizens express a strong desire for a town pool, an outdoor theatre/amphitheater, soccer fields, dance space, and a gymnasium. There should be music in the parks regularly, lots of activity at the Century Center, and a kids’ park.

1.4 Arts and Culture

The town should plan and support regular music events and festivals in our parks and the Century Center. Additionally, the town should complete the bandstand at the Town Commons for regular concerts and artistic events.

1.23 The Carrboro Century Center should be developed to its fullest potential. This facility, complementing the ArtsCenter, should become the cultural center of Carrboro, drawing people downtown, creating a sense of place, and serving all citizens.

1.24 The town should support efforts to honor and celebrate the diversity of our citizenry through activities at the Century Center, and by supporting cultural centers, festivals, and musical and arts events.

1.5 Adult Education

1.53 The town should promote the Century Center’s adult education offerings and use this facility to its fullest potential as a venue for educational opportunity.

2.4 Carrboro’s Character

2.41 The town should support the evolution of a downtown district that embodies Carrboro’s character. The downtown district should have medium-rise buildings appropriately sited with adequate public access, and it should provide shopping opportunities that meet our citizens’ everyday needs. The downtown should remain a center for the community where people work, gather, shop, socialize and recreate. The Century Center should serve as a focal point for the downtown.