“We Matter:” Survey for Kids Proves It

“I think that adults tend to bypass us.  We matter and have important opinions that people should listen to.”

That’s what young person said who responded to my Survey for Kids, just one of many insightful comments and choices voiced by 49 respondents between the ages of 6 and 18. Sure, it wasn’t a big crowd who responded and it wasn’t a scientific survey by any means, but I took the responses seriously and I certainly learned a few things along the way.  Like the fact that there are more cat lovers than just me in town.  That the word “teen” still feels as patronizing as ever to, well, you know who.  And that despite all the things in Carrboro that young people love, there are some really good ideas for how we could make the town better, safer, more welcoming, more fun, and more engaging and inclusive of young people.  Internships and volunteer opportunities, anyone? Are you in for a really big game of Capture the Flag?  How about more cats?

I’ll leave conclusions to you, given the relatively small sample size.  But I’ll do my part to sow a few seeds at the Town and among other interested folks I know who could help us all respond to the many calls to action suggested by survey responses.  Check out the responses by clicking the link below, and feel free to e-mail me if you have ideas or conclusions to share.

Survey for Young People Presentation